VUCA Director Learning

Welcome to VUCA Director Learning.

Board and Director professional development can be time consuming, costly and at times inconsistent.

Boards and Directors have a vital role to play in the oversight and good governance of their organisation.  Ensuring Directors have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to fulfil their duties and responsibilities is paramount.

The VUCA Team works with different types of organisations, from listed companies, government, NFP and family business.  We assist Boards and Directors navigate the challenging and disruptive world leaders operate in.

We understand the need for quality governance training and professional development for Directors.

VUCA Director Learning makes it easy for Boards and Directors to conduct their professional development. The training program is completely online, convenient and cost effective.

This is not e-learning as you know it. This is unique and interactive.

  • Approximately 4 – 5 hours of intensive Director learning
  • Six quality modules to complete at your own pace
  • Take breaks and pick up where you left off with 21 days to complete all six modules
  • Animated virtual agent for a 1-on-1 personal experience 
  • Engaging and impactful governance topics
  • Interactive learning and multiple-choice questions
  • Scenario base learning, putting in practice what you have learnt 
  • Immediate impact, trackable participation and results   

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What is the value of VUCA Director Learning?


Affordable and accessible


Convenience of technology at your fingertips


Become more confident in the boardroom


Strengthen opportunity to become a Board member


Flexible to use at anytime, anywhere, any device


Increase your governance skills and knowledge


Increase your contribution and add value to Boards


Effective tool for Chairs to strengthen their boards governance capability