About VUCA

About VUCA - Directors

Founded in 2014, VUCA Directors are trusted advisors with extensive industry experience and vision.

Our directors, Kevin Osborn, Chairman, Christine Locher, David Spear, Greg Connor and Paul Geyer have a broad depth of experience having served as CEO’ s, Chairs, Independent Directors, and Advisors over a broad range of Australian and International businesses.

VUCA also benefits from the counsel of its Senior Associates, a group of experienced thought leaders who share our passion to build and optimise individual and organisational excellence.

Our purpose and passion provide high-impact, practical solutions for organisations seeking sustainable and measurable improvement in the effectiveness and performance of its Board and Executive, at an individual and organisational level.

VUCA works with clients big and small, many which had not even realised their organisation was facing threats or missing opportunities.  We understand it’s hard to see the wood when your day’s work is chopping trees.  We help Boards and Executives see things more clearly, independently and with fresh eyes.

We help forward thinking clients solve problems, improve operations and create confidence.