Governance is under the spotlight more than ever before. Adequate governance for an organisation operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world is not enough – good governance is critical.

Boards and individual directors have a vital role to play in continually improving, risk and strategy oversight of their organisation for long term sustainable growth. Critically the role extends to Boards providing ongoing and effective cultural stewardship.

Surviving in the VUCA world – the new norm, without focusing on continually improving governance is high risk.  The environment for businesses and leaders is fast-paced and dynamic, boards must be able to navigate the disruption, regulatory change, challenges and opportunities to ensure sustainable growth and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

About VUCA - Governance

How can we help

VUCA works with large and small businesses, NFP organisations and statutory entities, across different sectors. Our Directors have deep expertise and knowledge and they are passionate about good governance.

VUCA can assist boards to:

  • undertake board evaluations that identify areas of strength and weakness in skills and behaviours and board meeting effectiveness
  • review board reporting and board composition including diversity and skills matrix frameworks
  • evaluate effectiveness of Boards insight and oversight of culture
  • develop board policies and processes
  • assess governance framework of risk management, strategy formulation and monitoring
  • develop tailored board training around governance, risk, strategy and recent governance developments
  • undertake independent CEO 360 reviews
  • undertake investigations and reviews on behalf of the board