Rio Tinto

Evaluated the global technology innovation committee, allowing it to acquire board-like values and behaviours.

SA Power Networks

Advised on major change and organisational review. Designed thought leadership series.


Advised and formed the company’s inaugural advisory board.


Recruited senior executives using VUCA competency framework.

Flinders Ports

Engaged to conduct board and director performance reviews, including international benchmarking for best practice.

Flinders University

Reviewed Council and its enabling legislation (Flinders University of SA Act 1966) for the Chancellor.

Adelaide City Council

Recruited new chief executive and the executive leadership team, using innovative VUCA search, test and selection techniques.


Facilitated board strategic planning, with a focus on creating a CEO evaluation framework.


Completed independent external board evaluation.

Carnegie Mellon Uni

Advised on educational initiatives in relation to Commonwealth policy reforms.

Danila Dilba

Undertook independent external board and CEO evaluation.

Epic Energy

Undertook independent external board evaluation.